Treatments for flat head syndrome

At the point the infant is born or while inside the mother’s womb in a couple of months of life, a flat spot develops on his head. Otherwise, when he is newly born there is also a tendency wherein he normally sleep lying situated in the same position. Especially for a first child, probably you will have gotten heaps of advice from birthing assistants, staff in the hospital, and relatives that it is important and valuable to watch the baby’ deformation of head or Flat Head Syndrome.

The deformation of head or flattened in shape is a condition that can be developed in a newborn child. This is usually brought by frequent sleeping on their back more often. It can likewise be a congenital state, which implies it can be created before a baby is born. Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly are the medical terms for babies with flat head disorder.

How to treat deformation of head?

Since more data with respect to ‘sudden infant death syndrome’ (SIDS), moms are exhorted not to lay their infant to rest on their tummy, but instead, to place them on their backs. In spite of the fact that this has prompted a decrease in the quantity of cases of SIDS, therefore, it has additionally prompted an ascent in the quantity of babies with Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly head disorder – babies who sleep on their backs wherein their heads are flattened.


Some parents use flat head helmet to treat the deformation. But others just do this effective treatment:

Change the baby’s position frequently when sleeping. Tummy time to reposition the child in his sleep is important. Vary position with tummy position can help. This can go a long way in order to prevent the head of your baby from developing a flat head.

There are more ways to avoid having your baby flat head. You may explore online for more information.

Buy Facebook Likes: Cover Photos and How You Should Responsibly and Effectively Use It on Your Facebook Page

The first thing that users would see as soon as they land on your Facebook page is your cover photo. Given the fact that people would naturally scroll their way down to your timeline, it is important that the photo that you have in the area allotted for it should immediately tell your visitors what your company is and what you offer. It must clearly represent what you offer, while at the same time making sure it’s attractive enough.

Your Identity on Facebook

Now that Facebook is imposing more relaxed rules and regulations regarding cover photos, it has become easier for anyone to promote their products and service via the social media website. Anyone can now see your cover photo, whether they are following your page or not. In addition, the rule regarding picture posts that must only contain 20% of text of the actual file size does not apply to cover photos.  As long as you are not infringing any copyright law, deceiving Facebook users and misleading them to buy your product or service, you are free to choose a cover photo that would clearly represent your product or service.

The Need for Increased Visibility

However, this freedom should not be exploited, like when you buy facebook likes or else, you’ll find that users are slowly veering away from your page. Generating likes on Facebook is now possible and you can use this to your advantage. You can include text in the cover photo that will promote your brand, but do not dedicate the entire portion of that page to forcing your visitors to reading long texts. Also, the least size of image that you can use is 851 by 315 pixels. If it is smaller than that, the image will automatically be zoomed out to fit the cover photo area and will render it visually unclear.